“Bad Mother Earth” are a British rock band from London composed of Frontman “Jacky Rogue” Lead Guitarist “Joe Kash” Drummer “Greg Kats” and Bassist “Mitch Prax”.
At times tumultuous and ferocious as a volcano eruption, yet still impassioned and tender like a cool summer breeze. Their music is a fearless projection of a group that has come together from different musical backgrounds each putting their personal stamp on the overall sound, creating the unhinged spirit that sets them apart. With instances proudly dwelling in 70’s/80’s era Classic Rock, Blues, soulful and anthemic piano ballads with a tinge of the “tongue-in-cheek”. All that coupled with their highly charged and exhilarating live stage shows putting entertainment at the forefront, means you have a powerful racket of earth-shaking proportions that is not to be missed!

The debut album is available now on all digital platforms!